New Year, New You!

It is officially 2018 and we’ve stocked our fridges with fruit and veg, joined a gym, decluttered the house and committed to dry January, but there may be something else we should consider setting as a New Year’s resolution, and that’s to consider ergonomics more in our day to day lives.

Becoming a Certified Professional Ergonomist

“A Certified Professional Ergonomists have been certified by the HFESA and have demonstrated that they have the skills and experience to provide high quality and consistent advice and support in the area of Ergonomics and Human Factors. The HFESA CPE programme is endorsed by the International Ergonomics Association”.

Who Doesn’t Love a Holiday!

  Corporate wellness programs will become more data-driven in the future. There's no point giving your employees a hundred different options to choose from. They don't have the time to sift through it all and find what's right for them. My only hope is that...

It’s All in the Name – Arm . . . Rest

  A trend that I have noticed whilst living in Australia for the last year is that armrests on chairs are not looked upon favourably. The two biggest reasons I can gather is the cost and the potential risk of injury. Let's start with the latter. I completely...