Looking for some quick advice on how to set up your workstation correctly, equipment recommendations or how to reduce musculoskeletal discomfort?

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* To get the best recommendations it needs to be a photo of you at your workstation. Ideal pictures include one from behind, from the side and above.

In-House Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomics equipment can be very costly, and finding the right solution can be difficult if you haven’t been properly assessed. In fact, you or your employees may not even need any new equipment. A lot of the time we can solve the most common ergonomics challenges with some education.

This 45-minute assessment includes discussion around ergonomics, historic and current issues and correct workstation setup to reduce postural risks. Followed by a full written report outlining any recommendations, if any.


Employee Training

There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money, like that of a new office fitout and none of your employees knowing how to use the equipment.

Whether it’s a new fitout or you just want to be proactive and educate your employees, book us in. Each employee will be trained on how to properly setup their workstation to avoid postural risk factors and maximize comfort. Advice is also given on any other working environments, sit stand working, taking breaks and health and wellbeing.


Corporate Ergonomic Wellness Program

Using state-of-the-art predictive analytics software we run an ergonomics health checkup of your employees. This ergonomics checkup screens employees for workplace risks that can lower their productivity and also risks for musculoskeletal disorders. You will receive comprehensive reports that summarise risks and that suggest ergonomic interventions to boost wellness and productivity.



It can be difficult to get to remote employees sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t also be looked after. Send me some information and a photo of the user’s workstation and we can conduct a webinar addressing ergonomics, musculoskeletal disorders and correct workstation setup, along with equipment recommendations if required.



When we’re discussing industrial ergonomics, you might be looking at how to raise a worker to a comfortable height so that they are not reaching or working overhead, how to prevent them from constant or repetitious bending, how to ease the force necessary to turn a valve, how to reduce twisting, and other things related to working on a manufacturing or plant floor.

I can help you spot and resolve developing ergonomic concerns by providing the tools and techniques to identify issues, prioritise challenges, and formulate solutions. Training workshops and assessments can be conducted depending on your requirement.

workplace audit and review of equipment standards

Before spending a fortune on new equipment or an office fitout, get an evaluation of the environment so you truly understand what the challenges are and what the best solution could be. Get an on-site evaluation of current postural risk factors, equipment standards, technology challenges and organisational requirements.


speaker and panelist

One of the favourite parts of my day is when I get to share experiences from around the world in ergonomics. I have spoken at multiple industry events and have been part of fascinating panel discussions. Get in touch if you think I might have something interesting to say at your next conference or event. I think I do…I am a self-confessed ergonomics nerd after all.

design consulting

Ergonomics is typically the last thing that is considered when designing a new office space. This can be a costly approach as soon after a new fitout, ergonomists are called in to provide solutions for musculoskeletal discomfort and/or equipment challenges. Let’s partner up and make these new office spaces look and function beautifully by integrating ergonomics principles.



The three domains of discipline with regard to ergonomics are ‘Physical Ergonomics’, Cognitive Ergonomics’ and ‘Organisational Ergonomics’. Book in one or all three to educate your employees in these informative and engaging seminars. Each lasting approximately 45 minutes-1 hour.


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