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A conversation with Tim Allen, Corporate Real Estate Professional

I’m so happy that I got to have a conversation with Tim Allen on the podcast. Tim is a senior corporate real estate professional with over twenty-five years’ experience.

In part one, he defines workplace as being made up of the physical environment, virtual which is the technology in a workplace and the most important aspect which is the human. We talk about some of the trends occurring with regards to the workplace and how people react to change.

In part two, we talk about the big no nos when it comes to workplace change. And how just by opening up a space doesn’t mean that people are naturally going to start communicating.

Think about people sitting on the tube in London next to each other. You’d definitely get funny looks if you started talking to the person next to you.

We also talk about real estate budgets and how we might be able to utilise a pion of the project budget for a later date. Tune in to hear why.



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