5 Tips to Curb those Naughty Temptations in the Office

My good friend Emma keeps my nutrition in check which I’m very grateful for. Here is some of her top tips for curbing those temptations and replacing them with healthier options. I was allowed chocolate on my birthday though…

Take it away Emma.

I am a currently studying a degree in Food & Nutrition at Sheffield Hallam University, but I am on placement at a food company in an office-based environment. I know better than anyone how tempting food can be when you work around it on a daily basis! I hope these tips will help to curb the temptations and replace them with healthier options!

Workplace snacking can contribute to obesity and weight gain over time. As we spend around one third of your day at work, these quick tips will help to improve mood when at work.

1. Snack on Fruit and Vegetables
Snacking on fruit and vegetables rather than junk foods will help you achieve your 5-a-day and reduce the intake of fat within the diet and help to contribute to your daily fibre intake!

2. Try to eat wholegrain carbohydrates
Consuming the wholegrain counterparts to carbohydrates such as Brown Rice, Wholegrain Bread and Brown Pasta will help to keep you fuller for longer throughout the afternoon as the fibre content is higher. This will help you to reduce snacking throughout the afternoon.

3. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated
Drinking water will help to keep the brain hydrated throughout the afternoon. Dehydration can result in dizziness and reduced brain efficiency. Research has shown that drinking 500ml of water prior to meals can cause you to eat fewer calories per meal, therefore potentially helping to reduce snacking.

4. Don’t skip breakfast!
Skipping breakfast encourages grazing throughout the morning which can result in the consumption of sugary or fatty foods. Having a breakfast that is high in wholegrains and incorporating one of your 5 a day sets you up well for the start of the day!

5. Reduce consumption of high sugar foods to decrease sugar slumps
High calorific snacks can result in stress and negative mood and fatigue as the sugar wears off. Snacking on sugary foods can result in high blood sugar levels, which can have serious health impacts. It may be tempting, but snacking on a small portion of fruits or nuts could be more beneficial to cause less of a spike in the sugar levels.


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