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The Travelling Ergonomist is an ergonomic consulting company aimed at helping businesses navigate the ever-changing workplace. In fact, we’re really just all about people. And in today’s professional world, with the prominence of agile and remote working, ergonomics is more important than ever.

Every day we see people neglecting their bodies because of the changing demands of technology. It’s about time that we all got clued up so we are always putting our best foot forward. Through program development, design criteria, workshops, and conducting assessments my team can help your workplace flourish by teaching you how to make the environment you work in, work for you.

I’ll be drawing insights from experts in the field, talking to those that are responsible for the people in their business and chatting to people like you and me, the ones who are trying to navigate the workplace in this digital era.


I’m a Certified Professional Ergonomist, Frequent Flyer, Workplace Wellness Advocate, Fitwel Ambassador, and Self Confessed Ergonomics Nerd.

I have worked in the areas of ergonomic program development and training for managers and employees for quite some time, now with a global client base.

I travel the world regularly and strive to make it a more healthy and comfortable place one person at a time. So welcome to my travels and adventures, through the eyes of an ergonomist.



Nexstand Travel Laptop Stand

This foldable and adjustable notebook holder has 8 height options and is ergonomic, lightweight, compact, and a universal fit for most laptops.


Advent Keyboard

Wireless, stylish, compact, and ergonomic multimedia keyboard.


Advent Mouse

Wireless and ergonomic mouse.

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Laptops enable us to work from anywhere and everywhere. Amazing!

However, because the screen and keyboard are connected our posture is compromised. So grab yourself a laptop kit and you’ll be thanking me for it later! Don’t forget to take lots of movement breaks too.

And if you want to create a fantastic workplace for everyone, The Elemental Workplace is what you need to get your hands on.